Sunday, May 16, 2010

A Brief Thought About Cosmo

 Cosmo... The bane of all men's existence, and apparently a magazine which is programed into all women's minds at birth as the absolute truth. For as long as I can remember this literary powerhouse has been filling women's heads with quite questionable information. Case and point, the male prostate. Before I continue I must make an announcement to all women who are reading this: Unless otherwise instructed it is NEVER ok to pull a quick one on a man and slam your index finger into his one way tunnel in search of the prostate. As previously stated it's a one way tunnel which carries harsh penalties for infractions. Punishments could include and are not limited to: donkey punching, a one way ticket to the kitchen express, and/or other sandwich making activities.  

1 comment:

Andrew said...

Oh please tell me that Ms. Girlfriend-the-Snoozebutt0n has fallen for that trick.

Also: I've definitely been shown such articles, at various times, and the funniest part is how the author goes "Even if he protests to the contrary, your man really will love it." I can't even picture who would be the one writing these articles, laughing at the prospect of teenage girls everywhere attempting to finger bang their boyfs...