Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Sorry for the Brief Hiatus.

An apology to the few people who read this, but i have been quite busy as of late and therefore the posts have fallen by the wayside.  In order to supplement I searched through stuff i have previously written, and this is a rant I wrote earlier in the year yet never posted.

 After parking my car this morning in the commuter lot I waited for the bus to bring me to the center of campus just like everyday before, but ended up receiving quite a surprise. Upon entering the bus I quickly found out that this bus driver believed he was either an air craft pilot, or drove a greyhound across the country. He began reciting his whole spiel including but not limited to: telling us not to smoke in the onboard bathrooms, not to drink unless we brought enough for everyone, and more, all in the stereotypical pilot voice filled with lots of static and “well... looks like.... etc.” Some of you might not understand why this is ridiculous and a problem, so allow me to elaborate on the context of this situation. This is a freaking 5 minute bus ride, on a shuttle bus which has no bathrooms and is filled with students trying to read before class and or an exam, however, this guy seemed intent on not allowing any of that to happen because he talked the ENTIRE way.   

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