Friday, April 30, 2010

Are You Happy Andrew?

       It has come to my attention that regardless if this blog is formatted properly I must begin posting or I will meet certain death courtesy of the Russian. So, without further adieu I give you the Snooze Button.
       There is no other way to say this, so i'll just say it. What the fuck is the KFC Double Down, and even though it looks horrific why do I want to try one so badly?

  This rivals the “Enormous Omlete Sandwich” that Burger King put out a few years back(yes it's actually called that). At least KFC was a bit creative with the name I suppose, but i'm really grasping at straws here to try and compliment either of these.

  With looks and names aside, can anyone honestly look at either of these sandwiches and say to themselves “Man, I will feel great after eating this!” If so clearly something has gone wrong in your life and you should talk to someone. How anyone can eat either of these sandwiches without their heart stopping mid bite is beyond me. Also if I remember correctly the Atkins diet deals with not eating bread. If this is true it's only time before people begin purchasing the Double Down and claiming that it's healthy because they aren't eating bread. Awesome America...awesome.

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Andrew said...

Dude. Ever since you've put this post up I've wanted to say that I NEED TO TRY THE FIRST ONE. I don't care if I'll keel over and die IN the restaurant, I'm still getting it.

I will die happy.

Actually, if you pretend that the deep-fried chicken sandwiching the rest of the contents is actually bliny [Russian fried pancake/crepe analogues]...I've made this sandwich, myself...